iPhone Notes Don’t Work the Way My Life Works 12

What do I use notes for on my iPhone?

  • Shopping list
  • Honey do’s
  • New project ideas
  • Many other things

Apple had allowed for Notes to be synced to Google over the air but killed it in one of the latest updates to the OS.  This was a great feature.  You can still sync up your notes to Google but now you must do it through iTunes.  Why must everything for the iPhone go through iTunes?

I wrote a guest post at www.lehsys.com that might help explain.  It will be posted on 10/22/2010.

Let’s get back on topic.  How can I have my notes with me no matter where I am?

With Google you can download their application and use the Task or Doc service.  Task and Doc are not applications on your phone.  The Goggle application opens up your web browser to their site.  Google does a great job with the web pages.

No, on to Microsoft, I have tried (without have to buy an app) to be able to create or edit a Word or OneNote document online, but can’t.  You can view Word, but not OneNote.  This is a bad thing for me, as I want to use this service.

So, given what is out in the world, I use GoogleTask for my task list now.  To find it when you are on a computer (I know your phone is a computer, but I mean one that is not an iPhone), go to Gmail and click on Tasks under the Contacts link in the upper left hand side.

I hope Microsoft catches up quick.

As for the Notes application on my iPhone, I no longer use it.

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12 thoughts on “iPhone Notes Don’t Work the Way My Life Works

  • lehenryjr

    I concur…

    I don’t have an iPhone [I’ve the Android], but I use the same tools. I use the same applications and it’s very important to grab this information from just about anywhere… Google, Microsoft and Apple are so busy competing to get your business and to lock the consumer in to their products and services; customers are actually losing…

    Google does a great job with their web offerings and they get update their stuff often.

    Microsoft tries to match Google when they move, like a chess match, but their offerings are more strict, less innovative and thus lacks luster to the public eye. They seem to be the lumbering giant attempting to run with the pack…

    Apple is doing outstanding with their hardware and software offerings, surprisingly well, considering the restrictions on the development processes. But since iPhone is coming to Verizon, I see a bit more market share going to them here soon [January 2011], but not to beat Droid [which is with every carrier].

    And unfortunately, nothing about Microsoft development is quick.

    Nice post– I like reading it.

    Until next time,
    Larry Henry Jr.

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