OverWeight Bloggers Challenge

I have recently joined a fitness site called Gyminee.  I have gotten out of shape the last couple of years due to several reasons.  None of them have to do with me sitting on my rear playing video games.  So, I am issuing a challenge to my partners for TechSideStories.  I have a target to lose 20 punds.  All it will take is not eating good food and going to the gym.

The site I named earlier is one of the better ones that I have found on the web (and I have looked).  I was once a gym rat and have some experience in tracking my workouts and seeing great results. Gyminee has a free version and a pro version.  I am using the free version.  I am not sure I need to upgrade but will see.

Here are some of the features of the site:

  • Locker Room – tracker charts and progress images (TSS guys please keep your shirts on)
  • Workouts – use some that others have created or create your own
  • Nutrition – keep track of what you eat and how good it is for you
  • Challenges – join with others or just for you
  • Groups – find people who cycle, run or what ever you like
  • GymBuddies – these would be your friends (you can add me as your gym buddy
  • Forums – have questions, they have answers (even if they are not right)
  • Personal Journal – kind of like a gym twitter

Come join me in my challenge.  Just add Sir Slur as your GymBuddy.

Till next time

Sir Slur

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