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I have come to like Safari as a browser.  It is not because it is fast or has the best rendering engine (that is geek speak mom).  I like it because of the ecosystem features. I have the iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook Pro (for work, everything is Microsoft). […]

iOS Safari – Apple’s iPhone and iPad

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McDonalds’ Monopoly is back.  You can now enter online to win prizes. You can still go to McDonalds and get the game pieces on the food that you buy.  If you are like me and do not like to eat there, you can play online. Here is how you get […]

McDonalds Monopoly Codes

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Picture yourself in a meeting ( or other pressing but more fun situation) that you can’t get out of.  You get a phone call but you can’t answer it.  What do you do? Do you wait for it to go to voicemail and then text them that you can’t talk […]

iPhone Answer Options – In iOS 6

With the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 being released, one of my favorite features is a simple.  It is the Do Not Disturb feature.  When you turn this feature on, your phone will not ring if someone calls you.  Now if you are like my mother and think, what […]

iPhone Do Not Disturb with iOS 6

I have been a fan of Key Ring for my iPhone for over 2 years now. Here is what Key Ring is in the words of the company: Key Ring is the app that “brings ’em all together”. Use it to scan & store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in […]

Key Ring is Great ( For How Long )

In the world of Andriod tablets, Amazon is the current winner. I say this because they have the most to offer.  Amazon is looking to make a large profit off their tablet.  They are looking to make money off people using their tablet.  They are integrating their other services and […]

Amazon Wins on Andriod